Wednesday, March 10, 2010

03.10.2010 Poker Night

I got home pretty beat and was looking to get some good rest. Unfortunately, Patrick had some people over for some poker.

I didn't even know Patrick knew anyone, let alone people to come play poker with him. I got invited to join in, which I thought was cool. Later I found out they invited me to play so they could clean me out. Patrick swears he didn't know they were that good.

Other players included:

Cottey the Ducky


Chicago Bears Linebacker, Brian Urlacher

Snake Eyes

The Great Muhammad Ali

NY Mets shortstop, Jose Reyes


A Rhino

They played well into the night.

I left before I found out who won.

I have my money on Snake Eyes, seeing as he had taken most of it when I was playing.

Before I went to bed, they all told me how they liked my Old Blue Eyes room. That was enough for me to call it a good night.


  1. Hahahaha. This is the best one!

  2. Did I give you that duck!? I squeaked when it came on my screen.

  3. Actually, I think Sara Faye did. I had assumed you did until you actually asked me. Weird.