Thursday, March 4, 2010

03.04.2010 Sickday

I got up this morning and Patrick was already out of the house. I think he was still feeling awkward about last night. I didn't even know people... things like Patrick could do stuff like that. I got ready and made some coffee, hoping Patrick would be home before I left. I really did want to talk to him.
Unfortunately he didn't get back before I left. I thought I'd be able to talk to him when I got out of work, but when I got home I found this.

I knocked on the door and asked if he was ok. There was no response.

I told him if he needed something, to just ask. I didn't know if I was being ignored or if he was asleep. I'm hoping it was the latter.


  1. What's wrong with him? He kill someone?

  2. He was embarrassed getting caught jerking it!